Start Planning a Media Room That Will Awe and Inspire

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Start Planning a Media RoomIf this is the year to get that amazing home theater or media room that the whole family can enjoy, along with friends then this is the perfect place to start planning. There’s no reason to stress about it! Deciding what style will work best within the provided space is the first step.

There’s no doubt that it will be set up and ready to go for a big movie premiere, game or other event that can serve as the perfect reason to show it off with a big get together. There are plenty of modern elements to include contemporary TV stands, shelving and other furnishings to complete it.


Of course, the first thing to take into consideration when planning a media room or home theater is where will it be located? Once that’s decided, one can figure how much space they have to work with. Specs are crucial to the layout and effectiveness of the room. Not only does it have to look stunning but it has to work as far as being viewable by all, having the best acoustics and of course being extremely comfortable.

Some can use an existing room while others may need to consider an addition to their home. Technology, luxury seating and of course sound control all come into play when it comes to arranging the perfect home theater experience. Shopping for a contemporary TV stand and other décor that suits what one envisions is directly dependent on the dimensions of the room.


Consider what elements for entertaining will be included. Some things that people enjoy adding include:

• Full HD
• Blu-ray surround sound
• A bar
• Popcorn maker
• Wall lighting
• Reclining seats
• Gaming capabilities

Teens and “big kids” love taking their gaming experience to a whole new level within a well laid out media room. There are contemporary TV stands that accommodate the various gaming systems as well as the TV and other media components.


The technology needed for a new media room or home theater is a huge decision. For example, size of the TV. Most feel a television that is at least six to ten-feet wide is necessary for a stunning feel. Many choose a retractable screen and projector in a home theater to make it feel even more realistic; while some just secure a contemporary TV stand and a bit of a smaller television for their media room, though there are stands that accommodate larger.

An easy way to pick the right screen size for the room in question is to be able to sit back from the TV in an area that’s about 2-3 times the screen size of the television and still enjoy an optimal viewing. Those who don’t consider this when choosing a TV and contemporary TV stand will be duly disappointed at the results.

In a home theaters or media room it’s important to choose the screen size based on the shape or “aspect ratio” of the television. The right aspect ratio usually depends on the kind of programs members of the household enjoy watching.


When it comes to sound, the minimum for any space is a 5.1 surround sound system. Do not skimp on the audio system for a media room or home theater. Many feel that sound is even more important than picture. When setting up a budget, take that factor into consideration. Be sure to choose a contemporary TV stand that will accommodate the sound components as well. Placement is important, too. Some wish to consult with a professional home theater company to get the best advice.


The decorative elements one adds to their home theater or media room center mostly around comfort. A plush couch or recliners are the top choices for seating. Accent tables and cabinets to store drinks and snacks are important. Stick to one color scheme to keep it looking sharp. Motorized shades are impressive when it’s show time, and automatic dimming lights that can be controlled while seated are nice.

Be sure any elements are out of the way so they won’t obstruct any path while the lights are low. A contemporary TV stand can be made to be mounted on a wall so that it’s not a tripping hazard. Some even install floor lighting to capture the true theater feel. All in all, have fun with it!

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